Associated work plan

In the strategy we differentiate between building new and digesting already running projects and fitting them into the innovation cycle, thus the overall strategy of OpeningupSlovenia is to run in two parallel streams:

  • Applying for National, Erasmus+ and H2020 research and innovation funding currently provided through the Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).
  • Running already staged projects with the consortium partners and aligning them with the results of projects terminated in FP7 and scope of new proposals in Erasmus+ and H2020 funding

Different types of funding provided by the existing programmes along with the running projects will be brought together into a single coherent and flexible framework. This will provide funding and inclusion for every stage of the innovation process from research, development and testing to market uptake. In the OpeningupSlovenia framework we will address all these requirements by specifying, designing and implementing the necessary building blocks. An initial high-level architecture for the resulting structure has already been worked out and is shown in Figure 1 below. This architecture relies on existing components which will be supplemented by the so far missing building blocks.