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Ministry of Education and Science, Canton Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina
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This is the first attempt on presenting and directly influencing a new OpeningupMemberState initiative which is one of the goals of OpeningupSlovenia. The workshop will be held at the Ministry of Education and Science, Canton Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina — in Sarajevo. We plan the exchange of good practices between Slovenia and  Bosnia-Hercegovina on the topic of open learning environments, open educational resources and new education technologies. 

The objective of the workshop is to present the OpeningupSlovenia initiative as a case study in terms of research in ICT and open education and identify potential synergies with BiH players and policies. We would especially like to focus on achieved results in terms of implementation gaps and fast uptake, digital skills as key drivers for innovation, teaching ICT at all levels, using ICTs to teach, digital divide and access to knowledge - at individual and country level and educational and technological leadership in Slovenia.

10:00-10:15 Introduction and welcome – BiH perspective on OpeningupSlovenia

by Azemina Njuhovic, Ministry of Education and Science, Canton Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina

10:15-11:15 OpeningupSlovenia – what, where, why, who and running projects?

by Davor Orlic, K4A Foundation

11:15-11:45 My dream machine – an OpeningupSlovenia project

by Mihajela Crnko, Institute Jozef Stefan

11:45-12:00 Q/A sessions and conclusion