The main challenge we have identified is to make the best use of technology for reaching out to new audiences, adapting to the digital era and thriving in the connected possibilities of the Web.

Crafting Solutions

Government is supporting the research community to create a strong agenda around open education and OER, especially in the areas of open practices and technology.

Exceptional results are coming from artificial intelligence research in demonstrating and validating new technologies, services and solutions through large scale demonstrations, pilots or close-to-market prototypes.

Already existing technologies are being tailored to open education and OER, addressing interoperability and integration between different e-services. These enable to collect users’ behavior through several feedback channels facilitating hyper-personalised services, forms of participatory content and advanced content management for OER.

Such opportunities open to great improvements on content accessibility for people with different types of impairments (due to e.g. aging or disabilities).

Key Achievements

  • 70% of schools participating in R&D projects
  • Deployment of research results in real-life settings
  • Requirement for consortia to include all stakeholders in projects
  • Involvement of OER in national strategic projects following European Smart Specialization Strategy
  • Majority of results are CC licensed


  • To move closer to a fully personalised and interactive user experience;
  • To increase the use of ICT technologies in the education industry
  • Solutions that can clear barriers for the success of the policy actions from the content and media perspective
  • Make all results CC licensed


  • Consistency – Digital transformation of education must include OER at its centre.
  • Value – Develop and test innovative pedagogical approaches, models and strategies of student-centred learning and teaching.
  • Alignment – Research and development of all levels (policy, educational services, open content, infrastructures).
  • Agility – Experiment in new areas and business models: municipalities and cities, factories of the futures, circular economy, e-government, e-mobility, e-heath, cyber security and cyber defence.
  • Engagement – Increase active participation of all major stakeholders in the sector.
  • Quality – To create a high quality agenda in OER research, collaboration of different stakeholders is a necessity.

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