Expected outcomes

The main outcomes of this member state case study is to build on the achieved results and construct a fertile ground for new high quality content (courses and curricula) by designed ICT tools and pedagogies for innovative, interactive, collaborative, personalized and flexible teaching and learning methodologies and environments. In comparison to formal education systems we argue to:

  • Meet a wider range of student needs. Provide ICT support for study programmes and processes by open access to ICT equipment, including open educational resources, and by better inclusion of the ICT in teaching and learning we will enable better access to higher education for students with different educational motivations, with a positive influence on overall levels of creativity, access and social mobility;
  • Respond better to labour market needs. By working with industry partners we will create flexible teaching and learning to meet the requirements of a changing labour market;
  • Be more effective in digital skills. By supporting of sharing the experience and expertise through an open network we will decisively contribute towards higher quality, cohesion and a reduction in the time between creating, obtaining, transferring and applying knowledge;
  • Be more innovative. In the case of Slovenia all education institutions need to focus their attention and energy on what they do best, thus we will push for sustainable changes towards greater exploration of OER, Vidoelectures.Net, MOOCs and newly developed ICT tools, without the need for all institutions to take the equal approach, implement changes at the same time, reducing risks and favouring mutual learning.
  • Connect all levels of education. In order to trigger large-scale sustainable changes there is an absolute need to involve, explore, test, and deploy solutions in cooperation with multiple stakeholders in order to create any meaningful changes in digital competence frameworks and ICT tools for learners,teachers and organisations. If this is not the case the effort employed by each participant will not have a meaningful impact.