Experimenting with annotations @ VideoLectures.Net

Extending the services, datasets and reach of Videolectures is of key importance for OuS. For this purpose we formed a partnership with the LINA lab at Nantes University in Nantes delivering the COCO project. This will provide a set of tools for enhancing the videos viewing experience. More precisely, this is an experiment aiming at offering an annotation platform for the contents of the Video Journal of Open Education Abstracts Volume 1.

 COCO in a nutshell:

  • Leveraging annotations in video-centered pedagogical resources
  • Creating open multimodal content for knowledge diffusion
  • Exploring new techniques for e-learning

 By viewing the videos through the COCo player, you will be able to annotate different fragments of the video, allowing you then to easily navigate back to specific moments which you need to reference, exchange your comments with your colleagues and friends, and, more importantly, with who you choose and compare these comments and notes in a simplified environment.