Knowledge 4 All Foundation won bid for H2020 project

OpeningupSlovenia partner Knowledge 4 All Foundation successfully won a H2020 bit for traMOOC – Translation for Massive Open Online Courses. MOOCs have been growing rapidly in size and impact. Yet the language barrier constitutes a major growth impediment in reaching out to all nations and educating all citizens. TraMOOC will aim at tackling this impediment by developing high-quality translation of all types of text genre included in MOOCs (e.g. assignments, tests, presentations, lecture subtitles, blog text) from English into eleven European and BRIC languages (DE, IT, PT, EL, DU, CS, BG, CR, PL, RU, ZH) that constitute strong use cases, are hard to translate into and have weak MT support, thus complying with the OpeningupSlovenia national education case study objectives. The project results will be showcased and tested on the Iversity MOOC platform and on the VideoLectures.NET digital video lecture library.