Capacity building of high motivated learners, educators, trainers, trainer of trainers, researchers

  • Educators and leadership in formal/compulsory education
    •  Capacity building Educators and Leadership in compulsory and formal education
    •  E-education project
    • MOOC – varna raba interneta 
  • Training in non-formal education
    • Capacity building in non-formal education
    • Simbioza between generations
    • Mirovni inštitut- popravi link  
  • Portals in formal and non-formal education
    • Portals for Capacity building in formal and non-formal education
    • Slovenian Educational Network (on-line classrooms, e-communities, education (e-)materials, projects and other activities)
    • Safe internet
    • Logout
  • Healt – e-learning scheme (OdpIzBolniceSshema)
  • Justice – e-learning (CIP_Primeri dobre prakse MP)
  • Culture and training in formal and non-formal education (Capacity_building_MK)
  • Human rights (OER – Primer dobre prakse MZZ)


  • 38000 partitipations of educators/leaders in 3-days seminars
  • 39000 partitipations of educators/leaders in counceling and 4 hours workshops at schools
  • e-competent teacher framework

Further activities and challenges

  • digital skills, entrepreneurship, critical thining, problem solving supported by ICT
  • motivated legislations

Resources (efficient/effective); partnerships

  • free and open, use of funds, resources