Presentation @ ET2020 Working Group on Modernisation of Higher Education

OpeningupSlovenia was invited to present its policy changes at the at the 2nd meeting of the Working Group on Modernisation of Higher Education. The meeting was held on Thursday 19 May (09.30h to 17.00h) and Friday 20 May 2016 (09.30h to 13.30h), in the European Commission premises. 

This Working Group operates under the Open Method of Co-ordination in Education and Training Strategic Framework (ET2020).

The session was lead by Andreia Inamorato Dos Santos and Yves Punie from the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS), presenting the OpenEdu framework for openness in higher education institutions and discussing next steps for policy making on open education in EU Member States’. Slovenia and France were invited as Country examples.

The event featured Jeff Haywood presentation of the study “Changing Pedagogical Landscapes”, supporting Higher Education Institutions in their  process to open up education. 

OpeningupSlovenia presented policy ideas formulated by answering some key questions:

  • What are the existing  policies on open education at national level and why?
  • How much was the investment and who invested? How much money is (still) needed?
  • What are the main barriers to policies at national level? What are the 3 main achievements to date?
  • What new policies on open education are still needed in your country? Why?