Preparation and setting up of exhibitions is an important learning method in various levels of education. Exhibitions are usually designed in a classic way. Exhibit is equipped with a short text which the visitor can read. Text contains information about the author and work. C-EXHIBITION (O-RAZSTAVA) is an advanced cloud service, which is based on the use of mobile sensors and RFID/NFC technologies. Technological solution enables new experiences for the exhibitor, the evaluator as well as visitor. The authors of the exhibits can prepare multimedia contents (descriptions and explanations of work) and publish them online. Evaluators (e.g. teachers) can publish or submit their written or oral reviews of the work. Visitors can easily access the content with mobile phones, add their own content, comments and participate as a special category in the analysis of exhibits. In this way, C-EXHIBITION allows the creation of efficient, open, educational content and practice in setting up exhibitions. These have the potential to increase the efficiency of education through more personalized learning and better learning experience. Participants have options to participate in new ways (creation of the content of the exhibit, comments), which upgrades the existing educational methods.