Dyslexia is a disorder of reading skills or reading comprehension, often with a tendency to mingle letters or words while reading or writing, or not to notice certain letters or words. Experts note that cases of this disorder are always greater, and the portion of children having the disorder is 5 – 10 %.
Various packages for e-learning and self-help tools are available for people with dyslexia.. The most advanced software already allows adjustments to their spe-cial needs. The most important language dependent module is speech synthesizer. Here we encounter two problems: insufficient quality of artificially generated speech and poor support for various mobile platforms, integrated as a core func-tion in the mobile’s operating system.
Presented e-service DysLex allows the inclusion of all Slovenian speech synthe-sizers (both free and commercial, which are included as core functions in the mobile’s operating system. It is designed as a service in the cloud and associated mobile application. The solution enables connectivity of the speech synthesizer with any program and has been proven to be the most efficient for dyslexics and the visually impaired as it expedites the need for costly development of various specific applications.

Keywords: Voice e-reader, Slovenian text-to-speech synthesis, dyslexia, blind and partially sighted