Here we provide FP7 research projects – automatic translation, personalization, content generation and structuring, personal training companion – results and prototype deployment, installation and deployment of state-of-the-art tools and ICT technologies, measure feedback and analysis of contexts, processes and environments into one suite. In order to have feasible research data, a real-life and functional ICT based network for OER based educational content creation, consumption and harvesting needs to be setup. We created a suite of tools for engaging with the recording to support learning, among those are the transLectures language modules, cross language multimodal content analysis and modelling tools from Xlike and Xlime, user modelling services from Quintelligence[1] (JSI spin-off company), the export to the VideoLectures.Net platform and MediaMixer fragmentation services. In addition the following services for cross-language cross-media analytics will be adapted for use in OER: Newsfeed[2] (real-time news collection service), Enrycher[3] (real-time text enriching and contextualisation services), ArchiveExplorer[4] (offline large collection content analytics services), DiversiNews[5] (real time content analytics), ScienceAtlas[6] (online social network analytics services), EventRegistry[7] (knowledge extraction, trend detection services), LaVie[8] (recommendation engine) and Textgarden[9] set of tools for text analytics. The prototype development will be done in cycles depending on the related RTD projects. Each cycle will finish with the phase of testing and validation. Testing will be done in the controlled environment within the OpeningupSlovenia consortium while the validation will use for external users.