Main objective of the pilot project is to develop and implement an initial open educational environment in the area of medical education and health care between participating hospitals in Slovenia and other participating countries as a model for a wider implementation. Using the web-based learning portal as a technological base, the focus of the project is to:

  • provide concrete common web based educational materials in different educational topics related to the pilot cases,
  • create experience with their practical use for hospitals and other participating institutions,
  • strengthen digital competence of users in different institutions to be able to use web based educational materials and platforms and cooperatively work,
  • validate the developed model for further development and sustainable use of open learning environments and e-learning in health care.

After successful implementation in Topolšica Hospital as a model hospital who created open education web materials for internal and open use,  the ongoing project activities currently involve several other hospitals and medical centres in Slovenia. As a result of multidisciplinary collaboration between Topolšica Hospital and Primary School Savsko naselje, Ljubljana, a widely useful educational video  has been created also by using selected health care contents for primary UNESCO schools in Slovenia.