This project will present a discourse on Massive creation of Open Educational Resources (Micro OERs) bearing in mind that there is an extraordinary body of knowledge resulting from academic and pedagogical research conducted in regard to the creation and usage of OER in general. It will focus on three major novel aspects of the concept of OER, 1) capability of automatically creating, fragmenting, reusing, annotating, translating resources on a massive scale, 2) apply media fragment technology and language technologies in accommodating users (teachers and learners), 3) create means for quality evaluation, assessment and validation of any knowledge, skills and competences acquired through this process, and 4) it will enable learners to be active co-creators of knowledge and to collaborate with their peers on the crated resources. The basic components of OERs are video lectures licensed in a way which enables further manipulation by means of semantic and language technologies without content editing. Therefore for the purpose of this project we will theoretically and practically demonstrate that OERs can be created by applying the results of the MediaMixer and transLectures projects researching the topic of media fragmentation and automatic translation and transcription of video lectures.