As multimedia is a much more effective way of disseminating scientific and academic results, an optimal way is to capture locally generated lecture content in the form of seminars, workshops, conferences and courses. This could be facilitated by constructing a network for institutions allowing them to create, disseminate and reuse all their filmed resources. The direct benefits of such a set-up for these institutions would be to 1) enhance their reputation, 2) support students and researchers, 3) enhance the quality of their education, and 4) share knowledge. Hereby we assume that high-quality content should benefit the widest possible number of users, particularly (but not limited to) in developing countries and disadvantaged communities. Ideally we propose to connect the Slovenian Universities, Institutes, Centres and Schools into one network. These are legally not part of any institution, but rather associated with each other through formal arrangements and based on the strength of their specialization in one of the National Research Agency fields of competence. Through capacity-building, knowledge sharing and research the contribution into the implementation of national strategic programme objectives.