The aim of this software is to engage a large number of stakeholders in a dialogue and an awareness process regarding the role, benefits, and issues of concerns of ICT for learning and inclusion as it is crucial to boost the modernization of education and training. The challenge is to reinvent the education ecosystem and re-empower teachers in the digital age. We wish to develop and maintain a sustainable platform engaging a large number of key actors, stakeholders and communities of practices on how to improve co-creation and delivery of digital tools, solutions and services for the modernization of education and training and for the employability of young people, as well as for tackling the risk of digital exclusion, and thereby socio-economic exclusion. The platform should engage – and be open to all – practitioners and stakeholders wishing to contribute to decision making processes, agree on objectives and priorities, share experiences, policies and practices on the role ICT for better education and training, e-Inclusion and e-Accessibility.