The basic purpose is to establish two Research and Demonstration centres for Slovenian primary schools and kindergartens and thus create an appropriate environment where various stakeholders (students, teachers, schools, researchers, businesses, public sector institutions) will be able to develop new concepts, models, methodology and didactics, and new learning tools and gadgets, new organizational and functional forms in order to test their usability and demonstrate and implement any successful solutions in the Slovenian educational space and beyond. The centres would be financially self sustained and will be mainly financed from national or international RTD activities within projects with industry. The idea to establish such a facility grew from the need to break free from our primary educational system and rigid and fixed curriculum teaching process. It is the feeling of early education practitioners that new generations of learners and teachers require a new knowledge leap in the educational field as their way of thinking is different, they bring new trends and ideas. We are aware of entering into a new digital era which brings new needs and new challenges.