Following the needs of today’s society and the development and needs of learners, the project E-competent teacher within E-Education defines and describes the digital competencies or e-competencies that represent the basic level of digital literacy. They refer to teachers, pre-school teachers, ICT co-ordinators, school principals and deputy school principals. Here we defined digital literacy with 6 key e-competencies for teachers, school leadership and ICT coordinators, and designed the in-service teacher training model to acquire the standard. All seminars are based on e-competencies for 20 different subject areas. This means that all educators are enabled the most authentic e-competencies acquisition, as the content is selected according to the subject or area of teaching and working in educational institutions and as such directly transferable into practice. The results of the evaluation which we have already done show that since 2009 there were 36.574 participations at the seminars (20.296 participants out of 30.000 teachers in Slovenia), 14.920 workshops with 39.073 participations, more than 70% of principals attended 1 or more leadership courses 99, 3% schools were participating in the project, 285 members of development teams and 760 trained collaborators were involved in the project.